Erbe Arts advises private and corporate clients on all aspects of collecting and owning art. Education, research, discretion and transparency remain at the core of our practice. Whether you are setting out to acquire a limited number of works, or embarking on a major collecting endeavor, our role is to educate and facilitate, making the whole process both accessible and enjoyable.

Our Services include:

  • Developing a program for acquiring art based on the clients’preferences that will provide the highest quality of art 
  • Educating and guiding clients through galleries, artists’ studios, auctions and art fairs to identify artists and works of art
  • Researching the value of an individual artwork and providing detailed price analysis, taking into consideration quality, provenance, rarity and condition
  • Advising on current art market trends
  • Facilitating art related services

Interior Designer Credits: Marshall Watson Interiors, The Art Of Elegance
Interiors Photographer: Francesco Lagnese